ASHKENAZI, BEḤOR (1840–1909), Turkish government official during the last days of the Ottoman Empire. Known as Beḥor Effendi, Ashkenazi was a member of the council of state from 1869 to 1899, when he became a member of the Ottoman parliament, representing the Jewish community. In 1908 he was made vice prefect of Constantinople and nominated to the Senate, the only Jew in the Ottoman upper chamber. In 1883 he served as vice president of the Jewish lay council of the Istanbul community, and in 1890, 1892, and 1898 he was president of the Jewish lay council. -ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: A. Levy, in: M. Rozen (ed.), Yemei ha-Sahar (1994), 257–61. (Hayyim J. Cohen / Leah Bornstein-Makovetsky (2nd ed.)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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